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SEND alliance Cumbria (SENDAC) is the official Parent Carer forum for parents and carers of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in the beautiful county of Cumbria. Our role is to reach out to families and listen to your concerns and opinions about all SEND services in Cumbria, from EHCP issues to diagnosis processes & concerns about therapy! Armed with this Parent Carer feedback, SENDAC attend meetings & events with the Local Authority, NHS professionals, as well as other professional SEND bodies. SENDAC are an equal statutory partner and therefore, this allows us to voice your opinion to the people who can make a difference!

Then together we can shape and improve SEND services across Cumbria, with your opinions behind every decision throughout the process, also known as co-production. SENDAC are the parent voice of Cumbria, we make sure your voice is at the heart of every decision.

We have spent the last year working hard to establish relationships with our statutory partners and other SEND professionals. Working In coproduction with these professionals has enabled parent carers to have a voice that is so desperately required for the SEND services in Cumbria. We are currently working on area’s such as EHCP’s, sensory processing, the autism diagnosis pathway, the autism in schools project and so much more.

Meet Our wonderful Team! 

All of our forum Committee members are parent Carers and SENDAC is something that is exceptionally close to our hearts. We all have the same passion to improve the lives for SEND children and their families and ensure they get heard.


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