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About our Let's do Lunch sessions

These lets do lunch sessions are going to be an annual event for all parents who have children with additional needs (your child does not need to be diagnosed!) The aim is to provide a friendly and inclusive place for parents and carers of children with additional needs to meet each other over a lovely lunch!  Being a parent carer can be exhausting and sometimes it’s nice to get lunch where you don’t have to cook and with people who completely get it as parent carers themselves. 

SENDAC are also going to be talking a little bit about their work and what they do, allowing you to understand what a parent carer forum actually is! It can be really complicated to understand what we do and why, so we want to use this opportunity for our forum to be accessible to all, ensuring you have an understanding of us! After all we are your forum. 

These are only for Parents of children with additional needs, so there will be no children’s activities etc, however, you are able to bring your children along if you wish. The food won’t be very simple, but if your child has restricted eating or safe foods, then please feel free to bring them along. 

All of our venues are accessible to those in powerchairs/wheelchairs and all have free parking.

BOOKING IS  REQUIRED, as we need to know how many people we need to cater for! ONLY 40 PLACES AVAILABLE! 

Moroccan Couscous Feature

Choose from a selection of…
Pasta dishes, sandwiches/wraps  nachos & dips, pork pies, scotch eggs, cous cous and of course cakes! 

Click the file to view more about Locations, parking, photos of our rooms, directions and accessibility for our Lets do lunch sessions!

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