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We have various membership levels and all of our memberships are free! We thought it would be useful to outline what our membership levels are and what role they play in SENDAC. These levels are not in order of level of importance, each membership level plays an equal and vital role in SENDAC!

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SENDAC Members . . .


Level 1: Mini SENDAC Members: This membership level contains our mini members who are the SEND children & Young people in Cumbria, their roles involve continuing being the absolutely amazing and exceptional people that they are and to spread their happiness and smiles around Cumbria!

Level 2. Affiliate Membership: for groups and associations that wish to link up with our work and keep informed.

Level 3. Our wider membership: Our members are made up of residents of Cumbria who are parents/carers of a child, young person or adult with special needs aged 0-25 years. We seek members who are relatives to those with SEND also. Being part of the wider membership means you do not need to actively participate in the Parent Forum. As a wider member you have the platform to let your voice be heard and to shape SEND Services across Cumbria.

Level 4: Our Parent Carer Forum Parent Reps: These are Parent Reps who are actively involved in the parent carer forum, attending meetings, engagement sessions, attending events, collecting your feedback and making decisions that affect the forum.

Level 5: Our Parent Carer Forum Management committee: These are our  Parent Carers who are the strategic thinkers behind our forum, they look at our finances, policies, attend meetings and events whilst also ensuring the forum runs smoothly.

Level 6: Staff: We also have some staff members in paid roles, these members are already part of our parent carer forum, however, specialise in certain area’s that we need a helping hand with!

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Membership benefits!


🗣 The first to be notified of opportunities to feedback on SEND services
📰 You will be the first to receive our newsletter and any events we are hosting/attending
💳 You get membership benefits such as our current offer of a free MAX card as a thank you for becoming our member!
💻 Your own log in on our Members area portal on our website. This enables you to find out what we’re currently wanting parent carer feedback on, and you can post directly and anonymously, your opinions on each post!
📊 You will be regularly updated on our current work streams and the general work of SENDAC
📧 you will be added onto our mailing list where we send you a variety of updates and information such as current parent carer workshops available, activities in the community etc
📊 You will be the first to receive our Parent Priority survey
👤You can Join our SENDAC Parent Carer Community Facebook Group, which already has 200 + members!


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