ADD attention deficit disorder MARAG multi agency referral action group 
ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder MLD moderate learning difficulty 
AS Asperger syndrome ODD oppositional defiant disorder 
ASC autistic spectrum condition OT occupational therapist 
ASD autistic spectrum disorder PDA pathological demand avoidance 
BESD behavioural, emotional and social difficulties PEP personal education plan (for looked after children) 
CAF common assessment framework PLP Personal learning plan 
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services PMLD profound and multiple learning difficulties 
CIN Child in Need PP pupil premium 
CoP Code of Practice PSHE personal, social and health education 
CP child protection RAD reactive attachment disorder 
CYP children and young people RAISEonline Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through School Self Evaluation 
DDA Disability discrimination act SALT speech and language therapy 
EAL English as an additional language SDQ strengths and difficulties questionnaire 
EHCP education health care plan SEAL social and emotional aspects of learning 
EP educational psychologist SEND special educational needs and disabilities 
EYFS Early years Foundation Stage SENCo special educational needs coordinator 
EWO educational welfare officer SLCN speech, language and communication needs 
FAS Fetal Alcohol syndrome SLD severe learning difficulty 
FASD Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders SLT school leadership team 
FSM free school meals SM selective mutism (formerly known as elective mutism) 
GLD Global learning delay SpLD specific learning difficulty 
HI hearing impaired SPDs sensory processing disorders 
HLTA higher level teaching assistant START Statutory Assessment Resources Team 
IEP individual education plan (at Thorndown we use PLP) TA Teaching assistant / teacher assessment 
IRP independent review panel TAC team around the child 
LAC looked after children TAF team around the family (when CAF is about whole family) 
LARM locality allocation and review meeting TFF Together for Families 
LDD learning difficulties and disabilities VI visually impaired 
LO local offer 
LSCB local safeguarding children board 
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