What is the ‘Autism Hub’?

This Autism Hub is being created in order to have an area on the Local Offer page where Parent Carers and autistic people can find all the information and support they need surrounding autism and the diagnosis process etc, from right at the start of possible identification of autism to post diagnosis support, without having to search around for hours for various pieces of information on multiple wesbites and pages.

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What do we need your opinion on?

We are right at the very early stages of creating the Hub, one of the things we know it will include is separate information tiles for each of the stages on this chimney diagram that you see below describing the graduated response to autism. We currently need parent carer opinions on what they would like each stage/tile to be called! This is so it’s easily identifiable to other parent carers which stage is which!

please comment your opinions below on what you feel stage should be called!

Chimney Autism

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